I am assuring you that If you give up these 15 things you will definitely succeed in every part of your life.

“if you want to go to heaven, you have to die”


          This is my blog about 15 things you should give up if you want to be successful. These days people think that to become successful they have to adopt different things but it is not true all you need to become is inside you have to just dig it out and you can do it easily by giving up some bad habits that every successful person have give up.

  1. Giving up unhealthy choices:-



This is most important shit that you need give up to become successful because it leads to nearly every problem that you are going to face in your journey. Also, I am not saying to make six packs but I really want to say that please don’t become fatty or too thin because both of these personalities will eventually lead to problems in your journey.

This is a few problems that I have faced when I was like a fat whip:-

  • Not being able to express properly my feelings.
  • Feeling shame in encountering new people.
  • Always scared of getting teased because of a fatty body.



Here is the list of websites which may help you to grow your fitness:-


  1. Give up your laziness:-

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”


Calculate your time in which your watch or listening to shit or even sometimes not doing anything if it is more than 1 hour then you are in the lazy category.


You might be thinking that why I say to lose your 1 hour in laziness it is because it will give you all the brilliant ideas, it will also give you time for recovery, comfort and relaxation which is very important.


But if you feel that your time is getting wasted and you can’t achieve your goals then you can add this 1 hour into your schedule so as to complete your goals.


  1. Giving up short-term mindset:-

“Life is too short for long-term grudges”


So, what exactly is short-term mindset see it is a mindset to make goals that give a small amount of revenue and that have a no future they have a limit to growth. For example:– if you work anywhere to get only $ 3000 a month so as to buy an I phone x  then you have a short-term mindset which will make your future just shit.

Instead of that make goals that have future so that you can make big achievements in future. Also, I want to tell you that leaders eat last.

So, change your mindset and change your future.


  1. Giving up excuses:-

“Make excuses or make choices the choice is yours”


All of us have excuses and they all are right also but the choice of doing it instead is more right than that your excuse. So, go and start now because if you don’t someone else will be.


Also, having a billion dollar has no value until it makes billion dollars so go, make money and leave excuses for losers who are not reading this.


  1. Give up your ego:-

“Give up god and you will find god”


These days people are having divorce and break up’s just mostly due to going ego.

So, where does this ego come from this come from social media and I am damn sure that I can show you how to go to talk a two-person one getting 100 likes on Instagram and other getting 1k likes you will find a thousand times more ego it is because they think they achieved greatness in life by getting 1k like but as you also know it is not really due to which they face problems.


So leave ego and have greatness in yourself not ego after doing something great and this doesn’t include getting 1k likes on Instagram unless you are doing business with it.


  1. Give up fixed mindset:-

“You have only failed if you give up”


Having a fixed mindset is like having your mind in prison if you also feel like that then escape than prison because you have to fail to succeed.

Going to school and then college than getting a decent job is a total fixed mindset is a perfect example of fixed mindset because in a recent study it was taken out that 60% of student didn’t require any education from school because they will not use that rest of their life and if you are thinking about business and you are in your twenties I am telling you that you are in the 60%.


So give up fixed mindset and grow your mind to a growth mindset.


  1. Give up toxic people:-

“People who are toxic are broke, lonely or bored”


Whether it may be your friend, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend if they act a position for your dreams then just leave them don’t even try to fight with them that why they do this.

See this toxic category doesn’t include people which are not interested in your dreams what toxic people actually do is that they make our world full of problems and due to that we can’t focus on our dream or passion.

So, if you want to be successful you have to give up toxic or negative people.


  1. Giving up on overnight success:-


Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”

These days everyone knows that overnight success is a myth but for those who think overnight is not a myth go and study one story in which you think the person gets overnight and I am guarantying you that when you will study his story you will get to know these things –

  • Hard work
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Always different from others in some of the other way


You might be thinking that how can I predict it?

I predict it because I know these are the key points on which everyone has to work so as to become successful.


  1. Give up doing many things at time or Multitasking:-

“Multitasking means screwing many things at once”


Have ever tried to work for different things at a single time like writing a blog as well making a video {this was a weird example} doing these two things or even more than two things can kill creativity and productivity but that is what procrastinators do so as to complete their work.


Try to do one work at once so that your precious becomes time more and more productive.


  1. Give up perfecting things:-

“You are born to be real not to be perfect”


Today people fear to do work because they think it will not be perfect but that’s not real because when you do things they start to get perfect eventually with time.

For example, think of BMW or FERRARI did their first car and the latest car is of the same design and features no there is a huge difference between their first and the latest car and that improvement shows perfect.

So, you have to first load your company or website with a load of content and in the process, you will become perfect.


  1. Give up 6 days of hard work:-


“hard work pays off”


Lack of discipline in our lives today harms us every day.


For example : you learn all the points in the blog and start to follow dream and then after a week or two you start to feel that why I am doing this and many other excuses which act as a barrier for yourself and here no one in the world can help because in this situation you are fighting with yourself and it can be only won if you have discipline so much that it can break the teeth of your excuses then only you can successful.


  1. Give up social media & television:-


“The trouble is, you think you have time” Jack Kornfield


In a study, it was found that the richer the people the lesser they are available on social media.

It was also found they nearly never watch television unless they have news on themselves.

So, say to all those like, comment, and share to fuck off and start to make your move toward the journey of success.


  1. Give up working for money:-

“Making money is art and working is art and doing business is the best art”


Yes, believe me working for money is the worst choice of your life if it is not combined with a passion because it is 10x better if you work your passion than money as all people know that passion is the place where success is born so try to work for passion if you want success in your life.


  1. Give up saying yes for everything:-

“suggest quotes for this in comments”


I have seen people who say yes to everything without even thinking that how much it will affect their dream as this is more important than anything around you happening.


People who always say yes get sometimes into great trouble.


So, try to say no if you want to be successful.


  1. Give up your shyness:-

“Shyness is just egotism out of its depth”


This is most prominent in young entrepreneurs they really get terrified in explaining their idea to unknown people.

So, why they are doing that?

They think that either their idea will not understand or it is just shit for other people but the reality is that some time the whole magic is of energy and frequency.

So, if you want millions invested in your dream work on your public speaking skills and give up your shyness.

 bonus : Give up on self-rejection:-

“The greatest trap in our life is not the success, popularity or power it is self – rejection”


Most people today reject themselves for any work that they can’t understand at once because on not having trust on own mind.

Try to capture some self-discipline and motivation so as to build a successful life.


Most important things to do:-


  1. Share this blog it is like millions invested in my dream.


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  1. The last but not the least emotion be happy in your life and accept it in the way it is.










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