new business ideas :- if your question is this also. Follow these steps and you will definitely get success in getting your idea.

  1. search for opportunity.(new business ideas)

Lets get further in blog so in your question if you see from business mind of view you find 2 business opportunity first of giving idea about startups or thinking about writing a blog of startup by this i want to convey you that if you are a opportunity seeker and you every time end with thinking that this can be converted into business then you are made for the startup world.

  1. learn new things. (daily)

See invention of anything is due to the deep knowledge of something like if you are a student and you go to your life first physics call then you know how is physics for you before that you can only guess or feel it by listening to your unconscious mind.

By this line i mean learn new things which grew your interest and you think will help in future. GARY VEE one of best speakers of the world has also said in his many sessions that if you like more than one thing at a time take 2 to 3 years time and do all the things which grew your interest for 6 months each.

  1. a meaningful advice.

See my motto of this blog is to motivate you and to tell you the things which you are unaware about and that meaningful advice that i want to give you is everyone has to die one day and has to go into the grave so don’t hear any shit of anyone whether is it your parent , friends , girlfriends , self help gurus or anyone.

  1. be killer at one skill.

As in 2 i have told you that you need to learn new things as you decide to what to learn you are already above the 95% of the world as 95% of the people are not sure about there idea.

Then if you are sure give 120% to it don’t see how much time , effort and money you are giving to it give till you think that it will ok for your startup.

  1. make very less friend. (nearly 2)

Do you know that a average millionaire has how many friends?

only 1.8 and they themselves are motivated to become successful. People who are not got at what they do need more and more people and then are some meeting with these people they start to call them as friend that’s when shit starts to happen.




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