In this blog, I will prove to you that why there is no importance of business plan in real business. As you are reading this probably you have your own small business or you are going to start a new business for both of them this is must read a blog. Today there are more business companies in the market than ever before so there is also more chance of failing in business than ever before due to this a new type of PARADOX has come into the market that a perfect business plan can help you to succeed in business which is truly a false statement and the reason for writing this blog.

So as explained above that this blog is for those who are either having a small business or going to start a new business so due to that it will be explained in two categories:-

  1. People having a small business:–

For those business people who are already having a small business and are thinking that a 10 to 20 pages of the business plan can help them to succeed in business can grow their business to millions or even billions for them I have two lines

Do you think that a shitty document full of graphs and fairy tale analysis can help you to grow your business?”

No, it will never work. Why?

Because as you already have a business and you are thinking to grow it so you see what is the way?

Most of the people will tell that make a perfect plan it will work but in making a business plan what you are actually doing is guessing to grow due to which your business might fail. As most of these have

So, a question comes what should we do?

first, try to grow your business under these criteria ’s:-

  • Speed:- increase your production as much as you can so that you serve as many consumers as you can so that your business can grow to a large scale and everyone can approach you to buy your products.
  • Simplicity :- the process of selling your product should be simple so that everyone goes easily understand it and use the best example for this is google they have services that are easily understandable and you don’t need a guide so as to make you understand that how to search in google and how to make Gmail id.
  • Communication:- please don’t have robots for communication instead of that have real men that can actually help you, customers, if they have a doubt or any problem with your product.
  • Delivery:- if your product is going to get ship make yourself one thing clear that it should be really fast and it must have a (cod) as it is very helpful for gaining new and valuable customers.
  • Work:- make your workers work as productive as you can give them monthly or weekly targets so that they achieve much higher productivity and as you know higher the productivity higher the revenue from business.
  • Quality:- make quality and then make quantity as when we see around our own business market the best in every business market have both the things in common they have quality and quantity but having quality is more important as it will give you more and more revenue from your business.

On all these criteria’s any business can be built on the small scale as the main reason why your business is small are all the given above.

Also, you will never need a business plan or business guess to grow in business if you master these categories you will grow your business.

Why should you not use a business plan?

  • you always need to change some complex thing which will take time.
  • Take a long time to implement.
  • Not easily understandable.
  • You can’t work in the way you are always bounded by a plan.
  • Make destroy your business.
  • Can make your products quality poor.
  • Delays your work.
  • You need to spend more money.


  1. For those people who want to start a business:-

start your business and please don’t make a business plan because if you make you will fail absolutely as it will take you fairy tale world which may bound into some circumstances that will make you a failure In business.

See making the business plan is a good work but to explain it only nothing else than that because if you do you will do it in a wrong way it only makes piles papers that are stored and never seen again. Also, if you have never succeeded or built any business you can’t make a perfect business plan and you may also follow all the steps or criteria’s given above instead of a business plan to succeed.

Make things happen instead of thinking about them because no matter how much you try you will do a mistake make sure you do it before so as to succeed later.


In the last line, I want to show you a story of inc.

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