Yes, I really mean it by heading you have already made in your mind that what this blog will teach you but for those who didn’t know what this blog will teach you is that anyone and everyone can do business not just a single category of people who have more chances of failing than succeeding and that is entrepreneurship.

So, let’s begin in the blog:-

Today people want to get a high-class business because they think it will fulfill all their dreams and that is totally ok but as try to or start to do that they get to know that to succeed in business they should meet a new class or category of people know as entrepreneurs and this is just not but today it is truly real and you may have experienced this in your life that whenever you type the word business or startup the whole fu*king breed of entrepreneurs come up with a meaning that to succeed you must be able to believe in what they tell you.

I really don’t believe them and you will also not because their advice is just sh*t grabbing that advice and mindset can’t help you until you are good at something or your product is good. Also, if you want to succeed in business you have to become a master at management but please don’t go toward entrepreneurs because they have a high rate of failures than normal businesses and it should be as they try all sorts of things that are invaluable, making products that are invaluable, they really don’t know the consumer market.

Why not become an entrepreneur?

Beside a large amount of failure they also start startups that are different from business as they are normally out of trend also they don’t have a revenue model or I can say they don’t think of revenue much from the first day and that separates from successful business from entrepreneurs.

They also wait more for growing when your try to become business men instead of entrepreneurs you take more time than usual because both have different meaning to you if you want to see that change in meaning think for an entrepreneur what do you think (you may think :-lavish car, homes, and bikes) then think of business men (a person with a lot of money) that is what happens towards your mindset you are totally confused you see two different things but they are correlated if this was also with you then let me explain why this happens to you :-

This happens due to constantly thinking that both are just words and there is no difference between entrepreneurs and businessmen but there is a big and very important difference that is of mindset.

If you don’t agree with me go and meet a businessmen and entrepreneur they both have a difference in mindset the business would be having a product that is ready to sell even In bad condition also there would be some revenue already coming but this is not the case with entrepreneurs if you ask them about their mindset either they would be thinking about the product or startup or they would have am.v.p of there product.

For those of you who don.t know what m.v.p is you can understand it as a promo or a demo product of the original that is mainly of testing user market.

Whom to follow?

Just follow yourself please read that 3 words 1000 times so that you never forget it don’t make guidelines on what Gary vee  or jay Shetty says because they are saying it to millions and if you want to be 1 in a million you have to leave them and start your own journey just understand yourself, find what’s hidden inside yourself see what you can do with that hidden qualities and make it happen, again I am saying that don’t follow anyone who gets inspire from them.

You also know that anyone in this world learns more from what’s happening in his life than others but today these group of entrepreneurs are just blowing our find with that much amount of content but they all know that everyone who needs to succeeds has to act like them.




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lesbians · 9th May 2018 at 7:16 am

I really like it when folks get together and share ideas.
Great blog, continue the good work!

    ayush singh · 9th May 2018 at 8:04 am

    thank you for your comment it really appreciates us.

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