The Everett Taylor Story

Mornings are usually same , your alarm wakes you up when something good was about to happen in your Dream. Maybe proposing your crush or maybe be driving your favourite car and suddenly that disgusting sound which seems to be of higher amplitude of it’s original one at that moment strikes your pinna and through external auditory canal reaches to your eardrum and after being more amplified by tiny ear bones it goes to inner ear and there cells convert this sound into form of nerve impulses which is finally interpreted by the Boss yes I’m talking about brain.
And the day begins , you get off to your bed by rubbing your eyes , make your teeth shine white lika a diamond , get ready for the task you said yesterday you will to it today and today again you aren’t in the mood of doing it and the daily life routine continues.

Mornings are usually like this but not all mornings are same, Sometimes it comes with unexpected surprises you badly wanted to happen or completely wasn’t even thought about that , that even this could happen.
It was after a year that such morning knocked my door again and I was surprised completely.

What Actually Happened ?

It was 4:43 am of Monday morning while I was lying on my bad half awake waiting for my alarm to strike just like Thor in the end of Avenger Infinity war and it does but it wasn’t the alarm it was notification from twitter that “Everette Taylor followed you ” and that Thor striking sound suddenly changed to any music of @maroon5 and I was awake completely realising how good and lucky that morning actually was.

Image of Everette Taylor

This was the gift that morning has brought for me and i was really thankful for it .

A year before something similar happened to me that’s why I said a year after such morning knocked my door but this time notification was from Facebook that a “Swarnima Pandey accepted your friend request” who is she ? She is someone who might be reading this at the moment and wondering how big asshole Aamish is 😂
Kidding she is the most beautiful person by heart I’ve ever seen in my life yet , the one who tolerates my stupidity at best and response it in the most ironical way she could summing up altogether She is very good friend of mine and again a beautiful and sweet gift by morning . Leaveing her behind let’s talk about this 29 year old an African American entrepreneur , writer , and public speaker

Everette Taylor

Taylor was born on 23 June 1989 at Richmond Virginia . As a teenager in high school he became homeless , however after over coming this he attended Virginia Tech.
Taylor did not complete his studies , and dropped out to pursue his business career.

At the age of Taylor started an eurt marketing software company which was sold two years later. After dropping out of college he became the CMO at software company qualaroo.
Qualaroo a behavioural insight survey software , which was later acquired by xenon ventures . He also started a growth hacking community As GrowthHackers with @SeanEllis.

In 2014 , he founded the marketing firm Millisense , which he named after his mother , Millicent .
Taylor later became the marketing officer at the online custom sticker company sticker Mule . After his position as a growth strategist for Microsoft he joined the on demand car rental delivery company Skurt as the CMO , which was later acquired by Fair in 2016.
Taylor played big and founded the social media software company popsocial.
PopSocial , the company achieved a revenue of $ 2 million in his first year of operation . He currently serves as founder and CEO of popsocial and the marketing firm Millisense.

All with big business deals Taylor ‘ve big heart too he is a known supporter of diversity and gender equality initiatives such as CODE2040 , wonder woman tech , and Black Girls Code.
He also started his own scholarship fund to help struggling minority college students pay for tution and books.

He has also made some platform to help alcohol and drug addict know as Hayver Technology For Recovery : Hayver Corp.

Everett Taylor: Books
Along with all these kind and unique qualities he is a skill full writer too you can purchase his books from Amazon from the link given above.

Taylor was also announced as the national brand ambassador for the NASA startup initiative and has been honoured as a social influencer of the year by Black Enterprise, Magazine.

In 2018 he was featured in Forbes under 30 .
Whenever we literally talk about dropouts
* Steve Jobs
* Bill Gates
* Mark Zuckerberg
Usually comes to our mind as they have showed a great impact on this present world through their hard work and tendency to not give up.

We forgot people like @Everette who have traveled a very hard and tough journey throughout the life , facing every battle of life to get what he really wanted. People like Everette are true inspiration and motivation for the young entrepreneurs who wants to stabilise a successful business.

Image of Everette Taylor

Taylor’s last post on Instagram with such a caption clearly defines that how hard he has traveled throughout his life.
Being Homeless at 17 and to recover from it is totally not an easy task , and I can’t express that feeling in words even no one can I guess only Taylor knowns what it takes to come to a position where he is today giving inspiration to the world.
First part of his caption is in the form of Will Smith’s” pursuit of happiness ” where he has the same tone for his post later he says what he has done to become a such a Amazing person.

Places you can follow Everette Taylor
Twitter – @Everette
Instagram – look in the top corner of the post

Hope this legend story inspires you and give you all what it takes to make your dream come true .
Thanks for the Reading.

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