Letter to the person who feels lost in his/her life:

Dear, whomsoever There are so many people who feel lost and stuck, struggling to figure out the purpose of their life. Listen,tough times happen for everyone but the main the thing is how to deal/overcome that feeling. Trying to stay positive and keep the faith seems almost impossible for us. So it’s important to remember even though you may feel helpless— you’re not. I had heard this amazing quote long before “When you don’t know what to do, act as if you DO know what to do,and you will figure it out” Just start doing/trying ton of different shi*t.

You may face failure over and over but at the end you’ll surely find what you’re actually good at. Everyone has something they are amazing at. And If you still feel connection with your childhood dream then start working to convert it into reality. But,here’s a twist what if someone feels like they’re not in touch with their childhood dream?

How could they get closer to what they might love?

Always remember that dreaming is form of resilence. It’s form of breaking the chain and choosing yourself whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a writer or don’t know next self yet. Dreaming will take you there. It’s the first step. Story Time: Jack like many others,had a childhood dream to be an astronaut that changed into reality. Let’s see how. When Jack was 6 years old, he dressed up in an astronaut costume and felt amazing. But he was not the only one. Majority of kids dreams and wanted to be an astronaut in their childhood. But those dreams faded for most and stayed for jack.

Astronauts were superheroes for him. He thought what he was doing was the most important thing happening at that time and he thought that it would be most important thing for him next several years. But he didn’t go for it right away.

He went to engineering college and got job. And it was a place where anyone could have stayed for his/her whole life. But for him something was missing out, he realised that his attention was again drawn into space. Jack was lucky.

He discovered all his dream all over again and one day he saw a documentary of astronauts. That’s what kicked him back into it and which brought back all those dreams he had as a little boy. He consumed all the learnings about the space shuttle. He took away the idea of “NO”, “NOT POSSIBLE”. So what did Jack done different?

He was being honest with himself. There will be many times when you may find yourself in a new situation,stress full,scary and sad but what you have to keep in mind? Is that you might have been down before. And up too. Remember ‘UP’ always comes after down. If you’re really into fashion,then start working on a 5 page style guide[for petite women/ for large women/for Asian women etc] If you are a writer then write the first chapter of your novel. If you are gifted in handicraft, then design and make your own accessories.

Deliberate practice: Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell, who has mentioned in his novel “OUTLIERS” if someone practices 10,000 hours they will become great at it.  Actually it’s not practice, it’s deliberate practice. Let’s say you’re practising to learn skateboarding. You skate, make a mistake, you fall,you bleed. Repeat. Always make sure you have someone to give feedback. If you learn from your mistakes with the help of your teacher. You will soon stop bleeding. Start earning your place: once you get where you want to be. That’s when the real work starts. There will be no time to relax once you got it.

Surround yourself with people having common interest: you need to be part of that community. It helps. Success is the by-product of the quality of people you have in your life. Start Networking: people often don’t know what networking really is.

Networking is not the list of people you know that you simply get in touched with when you need them. Networking is when you can introduce one person to another and you think value will be created.

The more network you create the more powerful you become. Someone asked Warren Buffet what his definition of success was. He said: count the number of people who love you. And to be loved you have to be lovable. 

Be more kind. Help at least one person each day. Get better every day. You feel lost? Wonderful. So, Admit it that you’re not like the others. And that’s not just okay,it’s fucking beautiful.


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Delaine Bluel · 18th September 2018 at 1:56 pm

With thanks! Valuable information!

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