All about Gary Vaynerchuk:-

Gary Vaynerchuk is chairman and CEO of Vayner x, a $150 million-plus media holding agency that includes Vayner media and pure wow. He is one of the world’s leading marketing experts and a four-time NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author. After growing his family wine business from a $4 million to a $60 million business, he developed and still runs vainer media, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Gary is also a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies including snapchat, facebook, twitter, uber, and venom, and cofounding the VAYNER/RSE fund, among many other enterprises. He lives in NEW YORK CITY.

So, as to start with his story of success we get into his past and his past was bad at that time his relatives were sent into prison for being JEWISH  and due to this, they need to immigrate to the USA at that time. Also, when they reached the USA his father starts to work as a stock boy at licker store and Gary starts to go to school and from his ranking photo given below you can see that he sucks at school.


But then what happened to him and how he starts to make so much money. Stick to this blog and you will get it.

From an early age Gary was good at business and how much he was good we get to know by this incident – he takes the flower from the garden of his relatives and then ring there bell and then sell the same flowers to them. If that was not enough then read this incident at the age of 8 Gary was making a thousand dollar from selling playing cards.

Due to this unique talent of selling and seeking into once emotion is very important in business and Gary knows that from a very small age and that’s why I am also a follower of him from a long time.

After some time his father saves money and started a business of wine. Gary was bought into it before the age he was even allowed to work in the wine shop. After watching many days his father work in wine he starts to think about how he can make his wine shop much bigger than ever before.

When Gary was in school he was exposed to the internet which gave him the idea to start a website and wine library tv which started to enhance his father business revenue from $4 million dollars to a whopping $60 million dollar business.

I have to mention this point that wine library was the point were Gary Vaynerchuk started to get converted into Gary vee from then he started to influence people that influence from coming from his heart.

One more thing happened at the time when the wine shop was going from $4 million to $60 million and that was Gary started to get emails from all his friends, that how lucky he was and Gary responded to each one of the emails by replying that “I am here at this point because of my work not by my luck so please keep that luck shit into your pocket”. Click To Tweet

At that time he also wrote one of the best books of all time and also a must readCRUSH IT. Click To Tweet

After all this, he started an enormously great company VAYNER MEDIA which has made his net worth $160 million and he is still growing–this is just an estimate.

He started Vayner media with his brother AJ Vaynerchuk it was a social media focused digital agency which provides social media and strategy services to Fortune 500 companies such as General ElectricAnheuser-Busch,  Mondelez and PepsiCo. To start this company he has started from just $80,000 and he doesn’t use any money of his father’s wine shop to built Vayner media the only thing he used was his fame of making a $60 million business to get investors.

So without going into how he started his company which don’t really matters to you let’s come to the real point that is why Gary Vaynerchuk is so much big? and connected to these keywords- hustle, hard work, gratitude and success.

So besides VAYNER MEDIA he also started two youtube channels which were #askgaryvee and GARY VEE which has a very is really great and shares solution to all the questions that you may have so I definitely recommend you to watch both of them, they can really bring some value to your life.

Gary is posting a lot of content that really matters to its audience in the last 12 months but will it helps Gary vee to make his personal brand greater, from my point of view he has done it. See the graph of google trends of the past twelve months and you will notice how much important is to release content. This was the single most thing he has done to improve his social appearance at a very great level.

So, if you want to be like Gary vee or Gary Vaynerchuk to all these things:-

  • Hustle- Gary has not taken any holiday in his twenties and thirties so as to enjoy his forties.
  • Read his books – his books give you an immense knowledge of what you can do with your life and they really go deep into it.
  • Watch his youtube channel – his first channel #askgaryvee give the answer to all the major problem that an entrepreneur faces in working today’s world.
  • Work in your way don’t give the fuck to anyone – Gary his own strategy of working his doesn’t show off his money his tries to invest his money so as to make money from it and he also loves to lose.

So these are the steps to make your great like Gary Vaynerchuk but our answer is not finished that how Gary Vaynerchuk Is so much big and what does he do besides pumping out a lot of content he has a clear mind of what he is doing, what he should improve, and how much big its audience varies.

Also, he is sharing information that is far more different from any other channel and as we all know different and unique is always better that is why Gary vee is doing something different than all other gurus out there and what’s more fascinating about him is that he meets so many people every day so the information that you get from Gary Vee is not just from him it is also from a thousand people who have shared their ideas with Gary.













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