Today we celebrate the idea of workaholism but we don’t know why do we celebrate it so much as people have written blog, many of them also have videos but the reality we didn’t know is that hard work and success never meet each other as all of us are told to do hard work but we never ask when and where we should do hard work and that I am going to tell you today so stay tuned.

First of all, let’s come with the only biggest reason you think hard work is great:-

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS: – So, to start to introduce this community of people to you I want to start with saying that they are really good at selling things that are intellectual and good right into your heart they show them that they can solve every problem of your life but they can’t as they always see a thousand and ten thousand people around them then how the hell? He or she can solve my personal problem.

Also, another major problem with all of them is that all of them have different and usual patterns to succeed which we always know for example : If you watched Gary vee shows or videos he always suppresses a word that is hustle or hard work but this is not true as I will prove all of them wrong about their ideas.

The one and only single thing you should know or all of these speakers should tell you when to do hard work or hustle as they just tell their story but what’s truly behind Gary vee success is he knows that when to work hard and on which topic he should work hard so as to succeed as he always tell you all that he sucks at school and many other things but he knows what to work at that is what you should really know.

Another problem with the word hustle and hard work is that people thing that they should give best in every part of their life but it is not you should give everything a chance of laziness see what gary vee does in nearly ten years logan paul which you all know does in 6 months that is to get hit on social media this is not just due to change in niche of both you tubers but it is due to the amount of smart work and quality that logan paul videos have so we can learn from him to use our time and effort qualitatively not quantitatively the same problem is with all other motivational speakers or gurus whatever they call them they all are just salesman selling their ideas with a little amount of innovation.

So, what’s the solution how should we use hard work or I call it smart work to deal with our work see try to work on whatever topic or work as less as you can but giving all of you to that topic or work at that time don’t try to disturb you schedule of your daily work do whatever you want and after that you should start working on that work or topic.

Why will this solution work?

See this solution has many advantages so just give me a minute and I will tell you that why this solution will be right.

You can understand this solution with an example.

So, let’s assume you go to office or school and you do your daily work and you have a dream or an idea to make something but you think that it requires a huge amount of work and you have to leave school and office to do work but it’s not true just give it 2 hours at night that’s enough even for making a new rocket. Why? Because in these two hours you can decide whether to work or not on that idea or interest not and you will also give your best in that two hours and your school or office cannot be disturbed by it if you fail you just have to work as you work daily there is no change in time and schedule all you have lost is just some hours.{THIS IS THE 2 HOUR RULE}

Another advantage with this is that you become creative and productive these are the two most important advantages but as we all know that productivity and hard work never match if you don’t believe me let’s clear this with the situation that you are given below : –

Assume that a recruiter has two people (X and Y) for recruitment but you have to recruit only one.

X completes a task in 10 hours and Y is you that completes the task in 4 hours but has unseen one thing at the task that was not important.

Which would you recruit?

I am sure that you will recruiter will recruit Y that’s you.

Then comes a question in your mind.

If this situation was a business one then the hard work must work?

No, it will never ever work in business because business is all about the product that simple, better, and easier product always wins the game that’s all about business and the time you need to give is just two hours because all the stats are showing that succeeding in business is all about product and consumer market  .

Let’s get in a little deep of 2 HOUR RULE and why it works?

See 2 HOUR RULE as I told you before is about how can you make everything you want and everything you believe by just giving 2 hours it soo simple that sometimes when I tell this to someone they really think I am mad but trust me and try this for a month and you will accomplish more than you have ever before.

Let’s come to why it works? It works because when you have a deadline that is soon your mind takes out different ideas to be massively productive at what you do that’s why procrastinators accomplish more and have the better life than those who don’t.

I am not telling you to procrastinate but I am telling you to use procrastinators tools to get productive that’s what 2-hour rule tells you.

As you are reading this post you might be thinking that why should I follow a rule that can be explained in less than ten lines see it can be explained in two points: –

  • Silicon Valley has a saying that is “if you can explain your idea, rule, or whatever it might be you can success in it if you explain it in 1 page” so get out of large big rules that require a whole lot of set up to follow and if you haven’t heard it you may have heard that “simplicity is the key to success” and that is reason why I believe in this rule.
  • Its tried and tested it may very easy but we tried hundred of techniques and we accomplish less than what we accomplish in this rule.

So, you were reading about hard work but I want to change the way you work that is you should “REWORK ON THE WAY YOU WORK”  to get the real success.

Another problem that I want to clear is that you think that doing everything perfectly. See I am going to clear and brutal for a minute to read this slowly so that it gets into your mind : –

if you want something out of your life stop working hard on unnecessary things that don’t matter like if you are building a product and you work on an option for 10 days and it is still not working well and it is also not used by most of the people because you want to be known as perfectionists.

Another major problem with them is that they do things more like if a perfectionist writes a blog he will try to write only better than competitors because then you call them  perfectionists but what you should do is give out quality content that’s your insight, not just hard spelling that makes your blog look professional and has nothing to do with readers it. ”


Hard work is the way to work for a certain task in a certain time or in other words it is the way to work for more than you usually work for a certain time.

Also, hard work is made up of 2 words hard and work you literally understand hard in the previous 1400 word so let’s start to understand work.

See work is whatever we do daily work doesn’t only means working in office or studying is school it is everything it’s just another word for progress if you want to progress you have to do work but not hard work you have to work through the 2 HOUR RULE and if you work for through this rule you will succeed in every work you do.

Also, I want to tell you change your mindset and see the world in your way not these speakers ways as they just get paid after giving speech so they have to say something but you should listen to your own little voice if you want to be what you want because if you will listen to them they will make you what they want that is to be their daily listeners. Also, copying other people paths will ultimately lead you to failures because they will not help you to grow as you will be their competitor if you follow their path so first decide your path and second believe on yourself and start to follow that path because that will take you to the ultimate success that you want.

Carry some grace of God also so as to be successful so try to be helpful to others in any way you can because it will give unexpected gifts and pleasures that you can never think of so try to get some grace.

Before ending this I should tell you who follow or watch see there are good people in the industry of motivation but their names are not much popular so the people that you should follow is on my another blog post:- BEST MOTIVATORS TO FOLLOW.


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