So, let’s start this with a famous and influential quote

“the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”

  • William James

I am going to tell you the ways that will increase your attitude and personality but before that I want to tell something about both attitude and personality as both of them are interrelated to each other and you can’t separate attitude from personality as attitude is what completes personality so below giving ways affect both attitude and personality and it is from one of the best books in the market about attitude that is “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING BY JEFF KELLER”.

Remember all the tips are given in the book don’t feel that these ways are wrong as they are the result of 30 years of John Keller experience as a motivational speaker.

This book is for those who want to improve their attitude and make their life better by just changing their attitude so if you to read that book free pdf then the link is here – pdf

So, let’s start with the ways to increase attitude and improve personality:-

  1. See the world with the with the window of the positive attitude:-

By just understanding this line you can understand that why some people face problems all the time while a few rarely get into any problem.

So, let’s assume that you are SAM or SIZUKA which is under pressure and feels that all the bad things happen to him because he faces criticism every day by his parents and children , he only makes friend that bully them all the time and he is always rejected so you may be thinking that your life is not bad like sam and this is what we call attitude window through which you are watching sam’s life.

Also, let’s assume again that you are NOBITA OR CYNTHIA and you have a positive attitude toward life by which I mean that

You think “I can” instead of “I can’t”.

You concentrate on solutions instead of dwelling on problems.

You look good in others instead of focusing on what’s missing.

You seek for possibilities instead of seeking limitations.

so by this you may have the clear idea about what positive attitude is so let’s complete our assumption so if you have positive attitude like above-mentioned names then you may a life full of good luck and people may be saying to you that how good are you and you have a good group of friends that are always proud of you. Also, you have a great relationship.

So, what happened to your attitude window does it starts to see the world in a different view that how you have nothing as compared to NOBITA OR CYNTHIA. So, what should you do to clean the window of attitude so that you may have lifelike NOBITA OR CYNTHIA?

First I want to tell you to start to think like them because till now you have the negative attitude which is only harming others apply the above give positive attitude to your life and you will watch the difference in your life even if you a negative attitude. This will also help you to clean up the mud of criticism on your attitude window.

  1. Have dominant thought because this will rule the day:-

The idea that we become what we about have also been expressed as the law of dominant thought. This means there is the power within each of us that propels us in direction of our currently dominant thoughts.

So, the word here DOMINANT is related to attitude  as both take time to get in shape what I mean by this is that if you have DOMINANT  thoughts even in things in which you are going to fail you are programming your brain to stop saying impossible at every moment which will eventually help you to increase your personality  and attitude also they will help you to do more and more work whole day.

Let’s have a thought before next way – “repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you”

  1. Stop complaining:-

I have seen many blog posts about attitude and personality but none of them includes this because everyone doesn’t know the secret. Today people complain about even a simple setback which eventually attracts more and more setbacks and then it starts to make your attitude low because you don’t accomplish something for a long time and you are just complaining all the time.

So, how can you stop it?

The only way to stop complaining is to stop it. Yes, there no fairyland thing here it is so simple that you can start now but there’s a problem that most of you can’t continue this because complaining is natural but try to not complain instead say it like me that “I have a set back” and then continue your work and what happens if you this is briefly explained in the story given below:-

There’s a man who lives in Newport Beach, California. In 1990, at the age of 67, Roll graduated from law school. Naturally, before he could start practising law, he had to pass the California Bar Examination.

On his attempt at the exam, he failed. On his second attempt, he failed. And he failed the third time… the fourth time… the fifth time… the sixth attempt… the seventh time… the eight time… the ninth time… the 10th time… the 11th time… the 12th time… the 13th time.

Let me add one important fact: the bar examination is given only twice a year. So, at the time of the 13th attempt, Roll was now 73 years old. Most people would have quit, but not Benjamin roll!

He took the exam 14th time… and he passed. In 1997, at the age of 74, the roll was admitted to practice law in the state of California.

So, by this story, I want to tell you that you have bad luck or other things because if you are capable and you have the positive attitude then you will succeed and it will take time because if it was 10 seconds work then everyone would do it.

Let’s have one more quote before having another way –

“you can’t always control circumstances. But you own thoughts” – Charles Popplestone

  1. Do you live with toxic people:-

Many people today are afraid of the relationships or relatives because the hinder their work or worse destroy which also has a bad effect on your attitude and personality also you always wasting time thinking about how to get rid of them.

So, if you have a toxic people around you so just get rid of them because this can have bad effects on your attitude as you cannot change a toxic person but what you can only do is get rid of him and there is only one way leave them if you are in relationship then have a breakup because this will be helpful to you and if you have friends that tell you to take drugs then get rid of them also.

Let’s have a quote on this also – “Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters.”
― John Mark Green

  1. Do you confront your fears:-

So, do you confront your fears or run away from them let’s serve this tip in a new way assume you are in a job and you want to switch it into a business but as we all know that business is too tough these days and only the masters make money through it so what you will do? Let me make this easier for you by giving you 2 options:-

  • Will you start even you fail?
  • You will continue your job and you will start to suppress the business idea due to the chance of failure?

So, as both of us know that the first option is more exciting and risky but most of us will not choose it but let me tell you that why chasing the second option will let you into losing both job and business.

So, let’s assume that you have chosen the second option then what will happen?

Now, every day you have two works first to suppress the desire to start business and then continuing the same job in which you are losing enthusiasm day by day which will let to more and more desire of starting business because everytime you try to suppress the thought everytime your mind comes with a reason to start it which makes the desire bigger and better than before. This will lead to losing productivity In the job which will can also lead to losing your job.

Hence, choose the 1st option as it will provide the right path to success and will increase your attitude dramatically and the rest is on your skills.

Let’s have a quote “failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”     – Henry Ford

  1. Get out there and fail:-

So you may be thinking that why this way will help you to succeed in pursuit of positive attitude?

Surf on the internet and try to see biographies of all the billionaires and what you will found that all of them have some failures before a huge success and this has developed in them a positive attitude which helps them in succeeding more and more. Then watch some failures that live around you see what they have done and I am sure that all of them have stopped doing a work by just watching failure rate this is due to the negative attitude and this also separates winners from losers.

So, win the game of positive attitude and win life and don’t be afraid to fail no matter how many times because it takes you one step closer to your success.

“treat every person you encounter with dignity and respect” –JEFF KELLER

  1. Be shameless:-

Don’t be afraid to say something to someone as I have seen many guys who just fail to get into the relationship because they are afraid to get rejected and I want to tell you that a person who has not mastered the art of rejection can never be successful full in life.

Also, being shameless can sometimes help you to get new opportunities because you meet new people when you are shameless which leads to getting new relationships and work. This directly influences your attitude and personality so I suggest you try this.


Today everyone wants to get more likes and comment but want I want from you that don’t just read these blogs apply them to real life as it will help me to make my motto of making you better by my blogs.

At the end I want to tell you that having a positive attitude and personality toward life will help you get more grateful life in which you can achieve greatness like other great people on planet and there are millions of great people on planet so start searching them and make one of them as your idol and watch how his positive attitude and personality shapes him to become great in your ways.

Let’s end this blog with a Henry Ford thought:-

“whether you think you can or think you can’t-you’re right!

I will answer all your questions in the comments below so ask as much you can.







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