Let me ask the toughest question that has ever been asked to you –

                              What is the purpose of your life?

No matter it is hard or not but it will absolutely lead you to think for a minute that what I am really here for and if not then believe me you are in best position.

So, today in this blog will we know how to find the real purpose of your life.

 Let’s start our answer with something that you already do every day and that is something which is really useful for us that is talking or communicating with others. Also, we all know that every human that has ever lived on earth has communicated with the other human (at least one) but all the great leaders, entrepreneurs, and businessman have taken this talking or communicating to a level further so as to find the real meaning or purpose of their life.

What they have done is called Self-Talk and it is not complicated to try out so read it carefully.

So, you have already seen these big millionaires and billionaires doing meditation and all other kinds of stuff like that but what they really do is Self-Talk which is very important because through this you get to know who you really are and the most important why you are here. So, how you are going to start it and implement it in your life because it’s a process and you should know it for that I am going to show you a step by step process:  that how to find the purpose of your life?

  • On the first day:

    You may feel what the fuck is going on but let’s imagine what will have happened if you are talking with a stranger instead of yourself. What will you ask and how will you behave, seems awkward. Yes, it will be- so ask just simple questions like what colors do you really like, what food do you really love because Progressive Extremism is the ultimate method to make a habit.

  • After one week:

    After this time you will be comfortable with yourself and you can ask an important question such as what books do you like or where do you want to spend your whole life. Also, don’t make this just a Q&A session but let your body and mind explain their thought about everything.

  • After one month:

    More and more serious question all based upon finding the real purpose of your life and if you try this more than one month you will see new doors opening in your life which can really change your life because now your subconscious mind really knows what you really want from your life.

It is really easy to follow it and if you have any doubt regarding it contact me because it’s about your life.

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