So here is another blog about how to get rich this is based on jeff bezos life I will show you what are the key factors that made jeff bezos richest person on the earth.

We will go through step by step explaining how he changed his life and you can to if you follow these steps.

  1. Be powerful in your skill.

Having a healthy body is good but having a healthy mind is best as jeff bezos was having it he was purely a statistical man if we see his whole journey we see that he takes all the important decisions of life on the basis of statistics (instead of marriage).


As he was also fascinated to mainframe computers as bill gates in his time was he was having a love towards computer like him but till that time Microsoft has completed his 17 years also the apple was there in market so at the time of jeff there was ARPANET which is today known as internet as I have previously told that he was a statistical person he measures the growth of internet it was 2600% a year jeff was fascinated and started to think of new ideas that would work on internet and there the AMAZON started and it was just selling books at that time.


So by this I want to tell you that if you are also fascinated by a dream that is clear in your mind and you can see its future that’s obviously should be bright then start it now.


  1. Be creative and imaginative.

This is such a crucial skill that I want to teach everyone of you so go and see my post first on how to get a great idea it will really help you.

Anyone in this world can imagine anything as large as possible because from jeff bezoz be clear with your dreams so much that it can be converted into your business see being creative and statistical is the most crucial part if you know the numbers you can do anything with your company with having knowledge of what is going to be next thing.

But don’t hesitate like I am not using first word of paragraph as “but” shitty jokes apart. Jeff bezos also didn’t hesitate because if he hesitates today amazon would not exist as chances of amazon failure was nearly 70% but just due to his belief on his skill he does it and also change the statistics as statistics are made by human, humans are not made by statistics.

  1. Be hardworking.

Jeff bezos is a great man indeed as just due to his hard work this much big company is standing today see work ethic is also a major factor in the lives of rich people as they just don’t think of money they think of growing 24*7*365 as growth is like a entertainment to them so stop watching television , Netflix, or anything and focus on your dreams as it not easy to build a billion dollar business.

On the jeff side it was also like that at the first year of amazon the members of the company work at day and deliver all the orders at night.

  1. Work to bring change in the world.

I know that bringing change in the world by your wild dreams isn’t easy but its worth it as if you die you will live forever till your company or whatever you have made is there because you are helping others they don’t bother you to give money that’s the one most crucial thing that all billion dollar companies have in common.

Try to create instead of copying things sometimes you don’t know how much great you are until you dig out the greatness within you all the things we do in life we will remind on death so do whatever you want and in your way or want we call a different way because who knows that what the another jeff bezos is doing.





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