Before giving you tips i want to change the question from “HOW TO BECOME RICH” to “WHY TO BECOME RICH” in today’s world being rich is everything from my point of view . As we are not living in the fancy fairy tale world so you are also aware of this truth . So, as we have got our why so lets start with “HOW YOU CAN BECOME RICH”.

So i will take you through a 5 step process if you follow these process you can easily become rich.

  • give up (family,friends,tv,mobile,..)

No will will build your future you will if you develop this mindset you can easily give up all of these. If you want to become rich this is the last thing which they want to give up but rich people have also sacrifice for many years so as to live a life that today you are searching on internet.

  • find your passion

Life without passion is just like plane without fuel if you do not have fuel to run yourself everyday to your core work that you like that will make you big and rich person then there’s no need to read this blog.

So, firstly find your passion work every day on it try out different types of things that may be your hobbies or any other kind of shi* .

If you have more than 1 passion try all of them for 6 month period and you will definitely find what works for you.

  • invest time , money , effort.

See anything , any work you do in life you have to spend your time , money and effort if you want to succeed into it at the highest level. In these most of the people spend money but didn’t spend time and effort and this is because you have not find you passion.Believe me if you apply these 3 in any portion of you will get more success immediately.

  • find out ways to make money through it.

Ways to make money by this line I want to tell you that to get money out of your passion is the most difficult task as everyone wants to be different and makes money through different plans that he makes so make sure you passion and plan merge as well as captures a good amount of market.

  • think big.

Its last but not the least important as it all starts will thinking big if you don’t think big you are immediately out of the game of rich just think and write as crazy and big ideas you can think and then try to make them possible. Even after this if you feel scary about thinking big then read my blog “how to build million dollar business”


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