James Simon Wallis Hunt was a British racing driver who won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1976 After retiring from racing in 1979, Hunt became a Media commentator and Businessman – Now that’s actually what Wikipedia tells you about This Legend.

But I have my own views for him , so today maybe around 4 : 01 pm while I was scrolling through my Instagram wall I got stuck with one of the posts by @mclaren which had a Hunt picture with caption ” Remembering the legend that is James Hunt, who would have celebrated his 71st Birthday in style today #McLaren #F1 #Onthisday ” as an F1 lover and biggest fan of this Legend I decided to celebrate his birthday in






Clearly like you I don’t know much about this Man I Come to know him because of Ron Howard who directed a movie ‘Rush’ which is the second movie after Wolf of the Wall Street which you will always find in my phone’s gallery.


“Rush”  The Movie


Like I told you Ron Howard directed this movie. Rush is all about struggle and successful story of two great F1 Racers of all the time Yeah James Hunt and Niki Lauda where Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth were cast as Lauda and Hunt respectively. Let’s keep Lauda out of the track right now because this blog is all about James Hunt


What personally I assumed of James Hunt as a Character from this movie ‘Rush’ was that Hunt was a Passionated man, a person who lives every time of his life, at last, a person who was prepared to die but not to give up upon the stuff he was Passionated about. A truly very motivating person don’t he? Moreover following a great quote by a great person I don’t know who’s him but as I’m using that quote right now let’s assume that great person is me myself lol! ” You will never see a great man with an easy past” the ride to world champion.


There was a time when his wife left him and married some other rich person as in movie they showed a little interview with Hunt just after this happened and he was hitting the answers in style, moreover there was a time once in his career where his own teams like McLaren was in doubt while signing with him that is he will be able to defeat Niki Lauda on tracks ? Of course they do sign with him later but wait here’s not the end of his downfall in Between fight for world champion race he was disqualified for not using a proper formula one drive and the hell started when his ride was redesigned his team people and was acting like a monster on the tracks giving benefits to Niki Lauda his enemy in this game but at the end like every Hero has his own timing he had his own when it was final race at some track in Japan for world championship of 1976 Niki Lauda goes out of a track with some personal reasons and Yeah James Hunt finished 3rd in that final race with a Heroic drive and almost dead least one winning world champion title just by 1 single point 69 and keeping Lauda at second by 68 .



And at the final chapter of the movie when they both meet at Bologna , Italy they had a conversation where few lines from Hunt really gotten through my heart they were like Hunt telling Niki that what plans he had after winning the title he says ” I didn’t just win the biggest thing of my life so , I could get right back to work ” wow what a wonderful lesson to learn see having a life and living a life are two different things set a goal work for it which can feed you through rest of your life and no need to set another one !


Next big thing he said was when Niki says how was that winning when we were about to die on that day? He replies “I was prepared to die to beat you that day and that’s the thing which has pushed me this far I mean hell, isn’t it that what we’re in this for? To stare death in the fare and to cheat it? ” Like I told you he was a Passionated man a person who was prepared to die but not to leave lesson to learn from this is that setting a goal is easy maybe tough for some have a dream for your self is easy chasing it , living through every moment of your journey to your dreams and goals , not giving up no matters what happens I wish it was as easy as writing it down but no definitely it’s not but that’s why we are here for making dreams come true by giving everything which it wants to come true that’s what James Simon Wallis Hunt means through those beautiful and wonderful lines.


At last Niki forcing Hunt to bust his balls again on tracks here what he said regarding that ” some of life needs to be for pleasure what’s the point of having a million cups and medals and planes if you don’t have any fun? How is that winning? ”



Yeah, every moment which takes us one step closer to our dreams or goals are the moment of cherishing are the moment of celebrate are the moment to feel happy for us and finally to inspire as for our next step. See medals, plans, awards aren’t those things which you will remember while having your last breath



But moments you had with your life will be playing like a movie in front of your eyes make sure it’s not a flop one better Oscar winner one


That is what I had a clear picture of James Simon Wallis Hunt in my Brain, Eyes, Legs everywhere these are the people who motivate you to become like them and pursue your dream



Still wants to know more about this legend? Go to a place which has every answer for everyone’s question except how to make your girl fall in love with you as I’m still struggling lol Yeah I’m talking about Google! Well you could see some of the records of James Hunt in my blogs picture but still needs more Google it Hope you get inspired by this legend and yeah don’t forget to wish him in your style !! How? Rate this comment your views and yeah sing like Happy Birthday to James Hunt ………….





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