What should I do business or job?

It is a very popular question that comes to the mind of every undergraduate or graduate.You can decide this by just understanding the qualities that are required for job and business.



What I want to tell you by this quality is that what type of thinking you have.

Linear thinking-when anyone thinks the answer to a problem in a particular way like he likes to work in a certain way only he doesn’t like sudden changes or even don’t likes innovation.

If you are in this category job will be better for you because in business everyone has to think in a different way it’s like an art and you also know that no two painting can be same.

Multilingual thinking-when anyone thinks in the different dimension or try to solve a problem in a different way and likes his way so he should not get a job as if you get a job you can be fired for doing a work in a different way. Business will be the better option for them as they can create the creative solution for a problem which linear will be solving a single way.

Also if you are thinking linear and then also try to do business try to think differently than others by this I want to say that you should follow the principle “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” as this principle states that try to do or act to do things that you cannot do after a certain period of time you will start doing it.

Multilingual people can also apply the same principle in their life if they want to do a job.

If you are in between the linear and multilingual thinking that is sometimes you think in one direction but in some cases you think in a creative way you should try business for 2 to 3 years without a great amount risk if you see success in it then pursue it and if you failed just take a course of a choice and try to get job.

  1. What you want stable or unstable life?

It’s a very important question that everyone should ask in their mind that after a decade from now where you want to see yourself managing a business that has a risk that it can flop and can stop your life any time or a job that is stable but has not exponential or compound progress.

From stable life I mean a life in which you adjust and live life like an average or common and you are never affected from anything in life like huge loss or gain of money, you just have a chance of progress whenever a year ends or starts.

From an unstable life I mean a life full of risk in which you lavish lifestyle, you are not common, and you have a place in the world you control your life like a boss but you can face big problems that stable lifestyle doesn’t have like the huge loss, poverty, depression due to loss.

Both the lives have pro’s and con’s what you have to decide is that what you want from life.

If you fit in stable case you should pursue a job in future and if you want the unstable life then you know that you should choose business as the job can never give exponential growth.

If you want a stable life with an exponential growth you should try to get a high position in a company like CEO, CMO, and MD. This is low your risk level but maintains a high level of lifestyle.

  1. Want to work for money or bringing change?

This is the quality that separates successful people from unsuccessful or common people that if you want to work so as to bring a change in society or from just making money because if you take a people who are ultra successful they just have not work for money they came out from college or even school to work so that to bring a new change in the world so if you like business only for money that it can make you rich then you cannot to business then jobs are for you and in job also you will not perform at your best this can affect your income severely.

So try to work to bring change if not having any idea work for anyone who wants to bring change and give your best in it so that the change can happen. Also, I want to tell you that job are not a bad thing to do but if you have a purpose to do something else then stop working for anyone and take action towards your dreams to bring change in the world.

  1. Have an idea or want to copy ones?

If you have personal idea that is new and can have an effect then you should try business without any doubt but if you want to copy any big company or even a small business idea then you should never try business as it can ruin you see business as stated above business is for those who want to bring change in the world by providing new things to the world or new and simpler ways to solve a problem that’s what business is all about.

If you want to still copy any ones successful business make some innovation in it by this I mean to say that enhance the quality and features of the products that you want to sell in business. If you are a service provider just make your service as simple and convenient as possible so that anyone can use it and your competitor start to get low business.

If you cannot enhance the business that you are copying just try to get a job because it will be very dangerous for you to copy a business as it will fail and you will lose money also so try to get a job as quick as possible.

  1. Try to make things happen.

I want to make clear that this point is must read those who want to do business.

If you are not very sure about your ideas just try to make them happen through different ways so that you get a way to work that is perfect for you if you are a student or right now working try to do new things at night after completing all your work as you are not sure what to choose if you see success in anything you can speed your work by giving more time to it.

Also, if you cannot work on your ideas at night after a day full of work then you should stop thinking about business as if you are not willing to go your ass off towards a business you will never succeed in it.

Try to engage your friend with your idea and regularly explain to them what you want to do so that anyone interested can join and can multiply the amount of work you do. These people are like employs who work without wages. Also, explaining regularly an idea will give a how much can your idea can work as a business.

  1. What can you sacrifice?

This point is very important you must read this as it can decide what you can do in life business or job.

I want to start explaining this by asking a question that you have to ask yourself that is:-


If your answer is yes then you should take business as your carrier option in this because in business you go hard to get success.

In military a thought is famous in between marines that is “YOU HAVE TO DIE IF YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN” this is equally applied in business that you should give your twenty’s and thirty’s without any enjoyment so as to enjoy the rest of the life and tell others that see I was right and I have chosen the right path.

If you cannot work hard and want to live in your comfort zone then just live your life normal way and never try business as it is not made for your lazy lifestyle and it demands a prize that only 1% can give.

  1. Do you have self-discipline?

Are you able to stop yourself from using too much social media, are you able to complete your goals in time you have decided if not you don’t have much self-discipline and I want to tell you that in business and job a great amount of self-disciple in life so if you are not able to control yourself then how can you control your position in job or even a business.

You should try to improve your self-discipline so that you can perform better in any place in your life.

People with low self-discipline should never try business as it requires a great amount of work so you can try different types of jobs by this blog I want to also convey a secret to success that today people are so indiscipline that people only with a little amount self-discipline conquer and control their life so try to enhance your self-discipline as it is very important.


In conclusion, I want to tell you that everyone should try business once in a life as a job can be done by anyone but business cannot be tackled by anyone so you should try ones in a life. Also, business will let you know you different and unique qualities of you that will remain hidden all your life and people who want to get a job should get it as soon as possible but they should keep this in mind that they will never see exponential or compound growth. Similarly, those like to do business by keeping this in mind that it is a risky game and chances of failing are very high but from my point of view business should be risky as getting into top 1% earners shouldn’t be easy at all.








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