• The luck

“Its effort, not luck sometimes luck plays its part but that sometimes needs the effort to make luck play its part” – by Aamish Singh

Suppose you have 3 mangoes and 6 Apples so how many strawberries do you have? Don’t you get it? Fine, think you have 2 Amg and 4 BMW so how many Mustangs do you have? Sounds rich hah !! But you still don’t get me Do you? You must be wondering that Aamish is out of his mind why because maths taught you that you can’t add two different quantities if you studied well, which I hope so you have. But when it comes to life you always go opposite to the rule. You compare yourself with hundreds of other people and end up saying “oh god what to do I got poor luck” Really? You think this is what maths taught you? No, you have to know this that you and hundreds of people out there are different quantities living on this planet earth you can’t compare yourself to them.


Ever heard your teacher asking you to compare your scales length to your pencils sharpness? The ability of your eraser to erase your pencil Colours to sketch? Protector to divider? Or ever heard your maths teacher asking you to sum 4 litres of water and 2 gram of salt? Ever heard that way? I know teachers are crazy and could scold you for no reason but they aren’t fools like me who will ask to sum 4 litres of water and 2 metres of long wire !! You might be laughing at the moment but this makes sense.


Don’t compare yourself to others that’s the rule you need to follow. You don’t have poor luck you just got the different time for all those things which you want.


You need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live your best life. You are not in competition with anyone else plan to outdo your past, not other people.


  •  The Big things in your favour


The best example I could tell you is that of Sol and Luna well these Sol and Luna may surprise you for a while but don’t worry you know them they are just different names for sun and moon. Actually, my Spanish girlfriend uses these names for them. Well I’m kidding I’m single from last 18 years and I’m 18 years old how great !! Well, that ain’t matters here what I want to tell you is that people in Spain use these synonyms for sun and Moon. Sun and moon they both shine but at different times. Sun shines in daytime and moon at night that doesn’t make sun more important than the moon or vice versa they both are equally important for our planet. Just they have a different time to show their ability to the world and so you too. Well let me tell you something interesting, can you tell me what’s common on 21st of March and 23rd of September? Don’t know? These two dates have equal night and days of the vernal equinox and Autumnal equinox respectively.

  • The Giants in Your Favor



Next time you call yourself unlucky just hold on for 2 min break and think of this universe well I’m using universe here because my Spanish girlfriend doesn’t use any other word for it lol. What if I ask you which are the factors responsible for life on earth? Water, Greenery, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Atmosphere, Hydrogen, Hundreds of fuel out there, All the metals of our Periodic table, Gravity, Frictional force, Ozone layer and something with speed of 3*10^8 you may call it light but Max Planck told us to light is made up of quantize energy packets know as photons so basically its photons not the light These maybe your answers for life on earth if I missed some let it be. 

  • BONUS: I’m telling you some more so have a look!



* sound can’t travel through a vacuum but light can which is the reason why we don’t hear those explosive sounds occurring in our universe which can easily make us deaf

* we have skills like adapting and evolving which has helped us for surviving so long on this planet and that’s the reason how people could survive in varying conditions from – 50-degree centigrade to 50-degree centigrade

* Rotation of the earth- earth spins on its imaginary axis from west to east in one day which causes day and night tides

* Earth’s motion in elliptical orbit around the sun in one year again which results in the change of seasons

* Atmosphere regulates temperature preventing the earth from becoming too hot or too cold

I could write hundreds of stuff which make life possible on this planet but that’s not the point why I’m writing this blog what I’m exactly want to tell you is that when so many big things are working in your favor from the day you are born till the day you leaves your empire and go to some other world. How can you call yourself an unlucky person?


Acha it’s funny how people call themselves an unlucky fellow you will be amazed! Let me make you go through some of them



* I’m unlucky because I don’t have the girlfriend

* I’m unlucky because I don’t have money to buy infinite war tickets

* I’m unlucky because I lost my money in the stock market

* I’m unlucky because my teacher beats me And give me homework to do

* I’m unlucky because I have an accident

* I’m unlucky why because my crush is done with me and blocked me on all social platforms

* I’m unlucky because I don’t have a job

*I’m well let it be!

If you Google luck definition which it will show is ‘ Action apparently brought by chance rather than one’s action” means all the action taking place here are brought by chance?

Really? You are saying that luck is governing our world? Things happening here are just by chance?

No, it ain’t be possible we humans make daily efforts to make this world run not that bullshit luck. I’m not saying luck doesn’t exit yes it is there if someone doesn’t have his mother alive he really has poor luck but I’m talking about people who don’t make an effort and blames luck for their current situation


You may know a person who won 1 lack rupees in lottery tickets and you will say that all he has a good luck but tell me is lottery tickets is the only way to earn 1 lack rupees? There is no other way ? Now you may be getting what I’m trying to say. Its effort which makes the difference between luck and its opposite,you do effort for the things what you want you get it without any problem and if you don’t get it believe me your effort was not that enough to buy you what you exactly want. Its like buying a Rolex watch for 100 rupees it can’t be possible man! Fist go earn that amount and then think of Rolex watches


*People are jobless because they haven’t studied well or they lack something which they don’t know and that’s w reason why they are like this

* Not having a girlfriend is not related to your luck its related to your timing she is here hiding somewhere and one day surely you will get her until than do one thing Lisa Ann and India summer are my favorite watch them jerk and sleep that the suggestion one of my friend gave me and it really works thanks to her.

* You unlucky because have a accident? You know how to drive like humans? No you don’t and that’s the reason behind it. If really it wasn’t your falt fuck you are got poor luck !

* Your teacher beats you because you are a piece of shit you are notorious and what to say about homework they sucks what they help you ultimately so its good to have them You see its all on you how to make a hell of a life without having that fucking luck Remember good things takes time and relax good vibes are on their way to make you feel good



* people are jobless because they haven’t studied well its not about luck its about their effort !

* Not having a girlfriend is again not related to luck its related to your timing she is here man hiding some where believe me you will get her one day until than do one thing Lisa Ann and India Summer are my favorite watch them jerk and sleep well this awesome idea was given by one of my friend thanks to her she nailed it !

* Your teacher beats you because you are a piece of shit and a notorious boy change your self and what to say about homeworkers they sucks but ultimately they help you only so it’s good to have them !

* Accident can be due to poor luck but try your best that you don’t make any mistakes while rolling with your baby


I would like to share these facts with you which are as follows

* New York is 3 hours ahead of California that doesn’t make California slow

* Obama retired at 55 Trump started at 70

* Buffet made his 1st investment at 11 Colonial Sanders started selling chickens at 65 ( founder of KFC)

*Jeff Bezos failed several times before Amazon and Zuckerberg succeeded in his 1st project

* Remember street kid Dominic Torreto from furious 6 who ends up stealing 1 billion dollars? Your time is coming soon. Hold on and be strong because no one is ahead or behind as everyone is running their own race.

I am happy to answer follow up questions in the comment below 




Divyanshi Singh Chauhan · 25th May 2018 at 12:02 pm

Hey! What you said above that’s really true. Today I just know that I need my efforts to work on not my luck to drive me in this world. Thanks for suggesting you really got the magic of words and I really got anwers for mine quires. May be I’m not doing well but I do one day. Thanks alot keeping propagating the magic of your words. Best wishes to a great writer future beholds…

Aamish singh · 6th June 2018 at 12:15 pm

Thanks Divyanshi ❤ Keep going Good Vibes are coming for you 🎆🎆

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