Self-confidence is a trick that mind plays with the world to show that he or she is better in any case from others.

Above is the real meaning of self-discipline in perspective of science.

So let’s get started with top 5 ways to master self-confidence:-

  1. Think positive:-

See to me thinking positive is the ultimate hack to show the world that how confident I am and this can be done very easily.

So, to think positive a step by step process to think positive:-

  • Identify your negative thoughts – we all have the negative thought and most important they easily multiply day by day the more negative we think the more negative it gets. So, try to seek situations where you feel that your mind is thinking negative.
  • Erase those negative thoughts – as from the previous step you may have grabbed those situations where you feel negative or the negativity grabs you in that situation. So, what you can do with that is avoid those situations and start to think positive in that situation.
  • Have positive groups – people who have great self-confidence have friends with the same amount of great self-confidence so please have a positive group so that your self-confidence increases automatically with time. In this group, you have to just appreciate every little success so as to be fulfilled.
  • Don’t ever get a reminder of negative thoughts – is there is a certain period of time in which you get full of negative thought they just start to come to your mind again and again so during that time do what you find tremendously amazing like– watch comedy videos, read my new blogs, go and see sunrise or sunset or anything you like.
  1. Deal with emotions:-

So to deal with emotions is the second best hack of mind to master self-confidence.

This can also be done by just a step by step process so let’s begin:-

  • Adapt fear – do you feel fear anytime then you are totally normal if not then you are THOR so why do I say to adopt fear, see today world is full of difficulties and according to Harvard’s study 80% of millennials want to become rich so if you are in that 80% you have to feel fear but in a new way.


Just change the word and make everything simpler

Difficult -> challenge

This will help you to adopt a new to seek problem and it will also help you to get rid of fear and ultimately will most your self-confidence.

  • Have patience – today world is full of people or I should say millennial’s that have lack of patience and this helps them to lose which goes on lowering their self confidence so what you should do if you have the same problem see what you should do from my point of view you should make goals that are small enough so that you can reach them and continue your with a little dose of success.
  • Don’t compare yourself – you should not compare yourself to anyone no matter if he is poor, rich or middle class. Instead of that, you should make a clear image that what you can become In 10 years and then work to become like that.
  • Agree your insecurities – you make suck at something everyone does but this doesn’t mean that you suck at all things if that was the case then Gary vee 5 times best NewYork bestseller would we losing in everything in life because his grades show that he was ranked 243 out of 254 students of his class. So, just don’t worry and marry your insecurities.
  • Learn from mistakes – I really learn from a mistake because every time you do it you make yourself 1 % better and your self-confidence goes to a 1000%, so do as many mistakes you can but the real ones don’t try to do something again wrong by thinking that it will let you know something new.
  • Avoid perfection – you should avoid doing everything perfect because most of the time things are not going to be perfect and this will let you lose your self-confidence.
  • Write positive things every day – as I mentioned above that changing words can have a huge impact on us but how will you do that?

Just copy these steps:-

  1. Go to tony robbins video
  2. Pick lines that truly motivate you
  3. Then make a diary and write them every day

This really works because I have also tried this.

  1. Taking care of yourself:-



this is also a crucial skill that you should develop so as to get new jobs, getting into good relations, increasing your self-confidence and many other things.

Here’s the step by step process to improve self-confidence:-

  • Sleep well – today people are getting converted into night owl’s what I mean by this is they are more active in the night than a day but this doesn’t mean that it is wrong just get 6 hours of sleep even if you can get in the day then I have no problem with that.
  • Exercise regularly – the main and the most prominent problem that decreases your self-confidence is being fatty or obese it is because you are easily separated by the crowd and what other people can do you can’t as you are fatty to explain this clearly let’s assume John is fatty guy and has a few fit friends every time they do something like running, playing or some activities that require some movement john faces difficulties in doing them which ultimately separates him from group and also lowers his self-confidence.

So, exercise regularly.

Fitness website links so as to help you to do proper exercise and easily lose weight.
  • Wear nice clothes – this doesn’t need much explanation but just make clear these things in mind that
    1. Don’t dress like stars
    2. Don’t make it too luxury or too poor
  • Wear clothes that have timeless trends
  1. Wear clean clothes

Keeping these things in mind you can definitely wear good clothes.

  • Have a good attitude – what I mean by this is you should be able to say no also you should know when and where to say no or yes because being too available may lead to overuse of you or you can be taken for granted.

So, to get some respect without being creepy and to increase some self-confidence work on your attitude and change it.

  1. Goal setting:-


if you complete your daily goals you will never feel under-confident as every goal you complete gives you a sense of joy which releases a chemical in the brain known as dopamine which ultimately increases our self-confidence.

Here’s a step to complete your goals:-

  • Prioritize your work – take 2 to 3 most important tasks everyday and complete them as soon as possible so as to work on another 3 this way if you have 30 goals to complete you can easily complete them 10 days and this will give you all lot of success which will give you joy which ultimately increases your self-confidence.
  1. Start being risky:-

By this, I want to tell you that if you are don’t afraid to do things that make you feel uncomfortable because when you come out of your comfort zone then you take risks and then you become successful which at last increases your self-confidence.

Here’s the step to start taking risks perfectly:-

  • Go to the unknown – if you want to increase your self-confidence and you also want to search the real hero inside then just start to do something that is unknown to you and you really know nothing about it. This will help you in many ways:-
  1. increasing your self-confidence.
  2. Learn new things.
  3. Maybe you became something better.
  4. You get respect everywhere for taking risks in life.





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