Subconscious is very famous topic these days but most people don’t know meaning and facts about the subconscious mind which ultimately leads to the wrong usage of it.

So, get ready to read the top 7 unknown facts about the subconscious mind:-

  1. It Is Always Active Even During Sleep –


Yes, it is real and scary to know that your subconscious mind is always active even during sleep and every word is listened and stored by your subconscious mind so be careful on what you speak and hear because every word you speak or hear is listened by your subconscious mind and conscious mind.

  1. It Is Not Able To Hear No Or Not –

So, you have just read the above line but your subconscious mind reads like this “it is able to hear or” and that’s the biggest reason why people can’t lose addictiveness towards drugs, alcohol and smoking because whenever they say “I will not smoke again”their subconscious mind reads “I will smoke again” and that’s the real truth you are never told about. So, be aware of this before leaving any bad habit and I am 100 % sure that it will help.

  1. It Is A Giant Tape   Recorder –

Your subconscious mind records everything you have seen hear all your life as mentioned above that it is always active and this here this fact is the reason why it is always active. Your subconscious mind store all these recordings as mental movies so as to repeat it in your mind whenever you think about it again.

This is the reason why all those website and videos tell you to see and watch and hear good things and moments.

So, try to show good things to your minds and hear wonderful affirmations every day so that you have a strong subconscious mind.

  1. It Cannot comprehend future –

Our subconscious mind only lives in the present it doesn’t watch future and that’s the only reason why those gurus say to you that if you want to accomplish a certain goal then you should watch it and speak it like it’s already done. So that your subconscious mind can work on it and make that goal happen.

  1. It Makes 95% Of Our Day –

So, do you want to know why successful people believe in subconscious mind and law of attraction?

Here’s your answer – our subconscious mind forms your daily habits and these habits rule nearly 95% of our day and the majority of things we want to achieve or we have achieved in our life is indirectly due to subconscious mind. So, consider using subconscious mind correctly so that it provides some value to you.

  1. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an actual event and think –

Ever thought about why you get Goosebumps while watching a scary movie if not you are like me but let’s answer for them who thought this – your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between reality and imagination which leads to believing in things that are not real or cannot happen.

This is the reason why most people tell you to visualize your dreams because this will lead to a belief in your subconscious mind that can convert that dream into reality.

  1. Your subconscious mind really attracting things:-

This is the last but not the least fact that is your subconscious mind can really attract thing but –

how this is possible and why we can’t see it?

This happens on a quantum level you attract things with the energy of your words seems similar to the principle of converting energy to matter.


So, the subconscious mind is true you cannot deny it but if you don’t want to use it then just go with the journey because there are a lot of people out who are successful without using the technique of attracting things through your subconscious mind. This just only enhances the journey progress.

Ask questions in comments as much as you can so that I can answer them as much as I can.





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