In this blog, I am going to show a list of top 10 jobs that will be in huge demand by 2020.

I will also tell you that how you can make use of it and grab all those jobs easily so stay tuned with me!!

List of jobs that will be in huge demand by 2020.

  1. Marketing professional:-

You are also aware that how much it is the demand of marketing professional as everyone wants to make more and more money through his/her business.

As business and startups are getting more in numbers the requirement of Marketing professionals is increasing day by day as they can make their business bigger and better.


For becoming a marketing professional you should take a master degree in business studies and you should seek for companies that may give you a good experience of marketing because in this job the one thing that matters most is the experience.


  1. Business analyst:-


A business analyst works for an organization to analyze its business model and revenue strategy they are assigned to an organization so as to make its business model better and more efficient than ever.


There are many companies that are seeking for good analyst but if you are not able to analyze the business up’s and down’s you cannot become the business analyst.


As the number of small business companies is growing day by day they need business analyst so as to scale their business due to which they will be in high demand in 2020.


  1. Programmers:-


As the numbers of apps on app and play store are increasing more and more people are trying to make their own apps but everyone doesn’t know app development due to which they will be in high demand till 2020.


If you want to become a programmer so as to make apps you can learn it from the comfort of your home through courses of udemy, or treehouse.


They are also get paid very well due to less number of programmers and more demand in the marketplace.


  1. Event managers:-


As you are also aware of today’s reality of that how much event’s are happening around you from government programs to business events all require an event manager that can manage the event efficiently.


This job requires experience of at least 5 years which you can easily attain from managing small events which don’t require any event manager so that you can see how much is the importance of event manager in an event.


  1. Medical professionals:-


Due to increase In pollution and different types of virus and bacteria, people are getting more sick than ever before but they are also living more than ever before isn’t that strange so as to make it less strange I want to tell you that due to demand of more medical professionals for treatment the no. recruitment increase and its increasing till date so try to grab this opportunity.


To become the medical professional you need to have a medical degree which can vary from country to country and then you have to practice under a medical professional for 5 to 6 years.


  1. Nutritionist:-


Today people are dying more because of eating than because of starvation and this number is growing seriously due to this people want a nutritionist to help them to grow there fitness levels which is very important.


To become a nutritionist there are many bachelor courses available if you have already done that then start training people to become fit. It can be as simple as making diet charts for all people in the gym or any fitness program.


It is a very good opportunity and you must grab it.


  1. Social media expert:-

If you have some social media following and its growing with time you can act as a social media expert for any organization because for every website or app or organization traffic matters and if you can generate that you can make a lot of money.


The trend of getting a social media expert is going high day by day so you should grab this opportunity.


  1. Chattered accountant:-


This job is being always in high demand and it is going to be in more demand when 2020 comes so if you are in a commerce section try to grab this opportunity. To become a Chartered Account one needs to pass exams that are extremely tough. The exceptionally low pass rate of aspiring candidates from the ICAI substantiates their job prospects in the country. 


  1. Software engineer:-


If you want that 1 corer job in an MNC then this job will be perfect for you because this is in high demand and become a software engineer is not an easy task because it requires passing a tough interview which is totally different from your curriculum and it is based on the real and practical world.


  1. Animator:-


No one can imagine today an eye-grabbing video without animating it if you don’t believe it sees animated videos they get a lot of views and viewer retention than normal videos can’t get.


You can also learn animation without doing any specific course by online tools such as udemy.


Why will this job be high in 2020?

Go and see the jobs for animators they are rising like fire because no one wants to low its company image by a bad shitty video.

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