Startup today is not just a 7-letter word used by everyone but today it has become a whole new world of opportunities where you can have your own place. Then why some businessmen are saying that startup is just a Fashionable word which doesn’t have any value in it. So, today in our blog we will know that why we should do business instead of startup and what are the pros and cons of both of them.

First let’s start with business it has been there since the human civilization and our development has been dependent on it because in exchange of any commodity in previous day the traders only take commodity, not money due to that one type thing travels from one continent to the other and it was just because of trading or business.

America is a great example of how trading can grow a country into a superpower because now America holds every single decision taken internationally and above that dollar has been a good position for decades which also shows American dominance all over the world but here comes the question why does everyone depends on America so much it is because they are great investors they really know where to invest and where to sweep out all your money due to that they hold patent rights of many things that are neither developed nor produced by them and this is all because of having a sharp eye at the market. Also, they hire all the great minds all over the world whether they are the scientist, engineers or any other type of employ which is also a great example of how great investor they are.

Now, let’s come to startup before telling where they really originated from I should tell that what a startup is because there is a lot of confusion regarding it so a startup is not a business it is the place where we really solve real problems for example: Previously if you want to date someone you have to ask him/her out but today in matter of swipes on tinder you can get someone to date and that’s a really drastic change its has helped people in many ways. Also, startup has originated from or I should say got his fame from developed countries such as America, the United Kingdom and developing countries like China.

But in 2018 there are so much startup’s going that have no future at all because they are made upon problems that are not even there in the real market due to which 1000’s of startup fail every year due to that today millionaires prefer running the business instead of startup to invest.


Let’s face the real question that what we should do business or startup?

First let’s see what you need to start a startup:-
  • Extremely good market research because there is always a good possibility of having nearly no customers.

  • Can you make it? If yes then another question arises that can you make it so simple that any customer can use it easily?

  • Do you have some money and time?

  • Be Practical.

That’s all if you have these three points clear then you can make your startup successful.

Now, let’s talk about business:-
  • Copy exactly the most successful model in that business.
  • Make your product 10x better than your competitor.
  • Provide excellent Customer support.


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